10 Signs Google PageRank is Dead…to Non-Googlers

I keep seeing the same question posted over and over, “Is Google PageRank Dead?” My thoughts are yes and no. Yes, it’s dead to those outside of Google. No, it’s not dead to Googlers (people who work at Google). In other words, I still think Google uses PageRank as a part of their organic ranking algorithm. I just don’t think they will push PageRank out to the public anymore.

I did a little research and came up with 10 signs, from which we can safely assume Google PageRank is dead to non-Googlers. While researching this topic, one thing I noticed killing off Google PageRank for non-Googlers has been in the works for a while. For years Google has been throwing us hints, and slowly removing PageRank data from our grasps, until one day it was gone.

1. PageRank data removed from Webmaster Tools.
2. Less updates over time.
3. PageRank never was added to Chrome.
4. Matt Cutts says he’d be surprised if PageRank was updated again.
5. PageRank was not updated for 10 straight months.
6. Matt Cutts says the PageRank “pipeline” is broke, and Google isn’t interested in fixing it.
7. Matt Cutts says PageRank data is only updated to help searchers.
8. Googler John Mueller says Google will never update PageRank again on 1/22/14.
9. PageRank has not been updated in 14 months (as of 1/28/15).
10. PageRank became leverage for spammers, and Google knows it.

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