“Yandex” will reduce the issuance of sites not optimized for mobile

Last week “Yandex” has made an important announcement in its official blog. The company has launched a new ranking formula that takes into account the suitability of the site for mobile devices and downshift to issue sites not optimized for mobile. According to the commentary of one of the “indexoid” in this branch, “changes in mobile extradition noticeable now, but there are big plans for further improvements to this algorithm”.
Why is this news important? Well, you probably understand yourself. Mobile traffic is growing every day, and if you don’t optimize it under your site, you will simply lose a large number of potential customers. Therefore, I sincerely recommend you think about it. Moreover, optimization for mobile traffic really gives very cool results.

Yandex Says – If website not adapted for mobile devices, that doesn’t mean he will completely disappear from the mobile issue. The suitability of the resource for mobile is only one of ranking factors. In total more than 800. We also take into account the originality of content, ease of interface, and many other factors, which work in the web version search. But now the search results on the computer and the smartphone may vary. In mobile search, we will offer people-especially those web pages, which they will be comfortable to use. Last autumn we started to mark them with the mark of “Mobile version”:

Read More (Russian Original) – https://yandex.ru/blog/company/kak-vazhno-byt-mobilnym/​
Translated version – https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https://yandex.ru/blog/company/kak-vazhno-byt-mobilnym/&sandbox=0&usg=ALkJrhip5DC-sHIeXV8YmDV5Qf9yegeJlg​

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