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How to Improve 3 Google Ranking Factors with a CDN

SEO expert Brian Dean recently analyzed 1 million Google search results and found several correlations between 11 website factors and higher Google rankings.…
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“Yandex” will reduce the issuance of sites not optimized for mobile

Last week “Yandex” has made an important announcement in its official blog. The company has launched a new ranking formula that takes into…
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Google Trusted Verifier Program For In Person Business Verification

Google added a new help page describing a new program called “Trusted Verifier.” It seems a Trusted Verifier is a volunteer vetted by…
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Google To Add JSON-LD Support For Rich Snippets

Google will likely be expanding implementation support for rich snippets through JSON-LD. John Mueller confirmed this on Twitter after a webmaster said he…
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A Local SEO cheat sheet

This information has been successfully used by myself for some time. If you follow the steps and are very careful about accuracy and…
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Google: Want Featured Snippets, Try Using Schema Markup

In a Google+ hangout with John Mueller from a week or so ago, the first question asked was how can I get my…
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10 Signs Google PageRank is Dead…to Non-Googlers

I keep seeing the same question posted over and over, “Is Google PageRank Dead?” My thoughts are yes and no. Yes, it’s dead…
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